Texas Dove Hunting
South, Central, Special Whitewing Zone Hunts
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South Zone day leases, San Antonio, $50-$80 ea.
Central Zone day lease, Coolidge, $50-$75
Special Whitewing Zone day leases, Somerset & SA, $50-$75 ea.
 Central Zone group day lease, San Antonio, Texas, $50-$100 ea.
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 Day Dove Hunts, East Side San Antonio, Texas

(about 3/4 mile off IH 10, inside Loop 1604)
Package ID# 1A-Dv-East

Just got permission to run dove hunts on this place, so opening day, September 01, is still available as of this moment, as are many other days of season. Call and book the day or days you want before they are taken. 40 acres of open field to hunt. Stock water tanks, grain and hay fields, and some brush surround this place. The bird cross traffic was awesome when I scouted it today. If I had been hunting and didn't shoot my limit, I would have thrown my shotgun in the tank and quit dove hunting forever.
September 01, price is $100 per gun with a 4 gun minimum and 8 gun maximum.
September 02 through 06, price is $500 per group per day and a group may be up to 8 hunters.
Labor Day, September 07 ONLY, $85 per person, no minimum!
After September 07, price will be $400 per group per day and a group may be up to 8 hunters.

Call us right now to reserve your spots!
Prime dates will not last!!!!!!!!

Central Zone day dove hunting, Coolidge
(Hill County, about 75 miles southeast of DFW Airport in Dallas)
Package ID# HG-Dv-C
Almost 1000 acres, with wild sunflowers and water. That should hold some doves, don't you think?
 Well, it sure has in the past, and if you call real soon, you can enjoy this area this year. Get your group together and make your reservations NOW! Just $75 each person per calendar day. The price covers both morning and afternoon hunting, or one limit of birds per person, whichever comes first.
     After September 08, the price is just $65 per person, but there is a minimum of 10 persons to book a hunt,
OR, pay for 10 and you can go, even by yourself.
Kids are just $50 each, with a paid adult, after September 08 and after the ten person minimum is met.
Call NOW to reserve your dates.
Opening weekend is nearly full already!
Click here for more info on location, motels, itinerary, rules, release, etc.

Day leases for south zone dove hunting, San Antonio.
Pkg. #1A-DV-D
over 1000 acres total;
spread out around south and southeast sides of San Antonio.
Normally, there is a good number of birds; whitewing and/or mourning dove.
If reserved and deposit received at least 10 days in advance, pricing is:
Just $70 per gun, per day for adult gunners,
It is $80 per adult gun for all last minute reservations or parties of less than 5
on the days when small parties are accepted (see below).

Youths (16 and under) only $50 with a paid adult!
.Call us right now to reserve your dates!
PLEASE NOTE: On the regular south zone season opening Friday and Saturday (Sept 18 and 19), there is no minimum number of hunters required. On all other dates, it takes a minimum of 5 adult hunters to be in the hunting party before we can accept your booking (or you can pay for 5 adults and 1-4 can go). A hunting party is a group of hunters hunting all together on the same day or days, and for whom I deal with one individual concerning the deposit, confirmation and balance due.

Day leases for Special Whitewing Dove Hunting Zone

Pkg ID# 1A-DV-D

20 acre field of doveweed and winter wheat, surrounded by open woods with coma berry bushes in it (a favorite of whitewings) and a 12 acre field with a pond at one end. Both fields are on the same ranch near Somerset, Texas. 15 gunners maximum total, booked in groups of 5 or more at $65 each hunter.

60 acres of fields with a pond, some doveweed and smartweed, in a whitewing dove flyway. Maximum of 10 gunners, booked at $500 total per day for the field exclusive.

150 acres total, fields, pond and open woods with lots of doveweed and lots of coma berry. Maximum of 12 hunters, booked at $750 total per day for the field exclusive.

400 acres with a couple of ponds, plenty of doveweed, lots of coma, some millet, smartweed and more. Maximum of 35 hunters, booked in groups of 5 or more at $60 each hunter. Less than 5 hunters accepted at $70 each.

200 acres with a pond, dove weed and coma in a very good flyway. Exclusive use for up to 20 at $1500 total and I'll cook a sausage and sides lunch OR supper for the entire group. More land is available if you have more hunters. Extra gunners just $60 each. Good Corporate Entertainment!

The first property is near Somerset.
The last 3 properties are adjoining, starting just 250 yards south of the intersection of Loop 1604 and Hwy 281, on the south side of San Antonio.

Call us right now to reserve your spots!

NOTE: The season for the Special Whitewing Hunts is finally set for 2015!
It is the first two weekends of September only (September 05-06, 12-13).
 The shooting hours are noon to sunset only.
 The bag limit is 15 doves, of which no more then 2 may be mourning doves.

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Pricing, Booking, Deposits, Manners, Refunds, Tips
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