Smok TFV12 perfect vape tank for ejuice & e liquid

SMOK TFV12 King (cloud beast) tank, perfect for vape juice, imitates the unquestionable accomplishment in the technology of cloud-chasing by SMOKTech, bringing to the e cigarette market a very powerful coil cylinder (12) in a performance-grade equipment that goes beyond the Sub-Ohm platform of tanks’.

This product has an avant-garde design that is streamlined, mainly for it maximizing it great performance beginning at its core. The peak of success is definitely lying around the new TFV12 structure (coil), beginning with the V12-T12 best known as a duodenary coil which involves a design of 12 cylinders positioned vertically and is capable of giving out the power of 350W. I will go through your e liquid quite fast but you will love the taste, flavor & clouds. And you will say that thas was your best e juice experience.

Product details

It has a diameter of 25 mm

It has a glass diameter of 27mm

It has a chassis diameter (widest) of 28mm

It has a juice capacity of 6ml at its maximum

It has stainless steel body

It has high-class reinforcement of glass

It cannot explode and has a resistance to high temperature

It has a dual adjustable base (air control)

Unique design that is top-fill Rotary with a lock containing a hinge

It has black in color ultra-wide tip for dripping

Its performance code is V12 structure of the coils

V12-T12 duodenary which has been rated to about 60-350W (0.12 Ohm)

V12-X4 coil that is quadruple (0.15 Ohm) which has been rated to about 60-220W

V12-Q4 coil that is quadruple (0.15 Ohm) which has been rated to about 60-190W

V12-T6 coil that is sextuple and which has been rated 90-320W

V12 RBA coil deck which is dual

V12-RBA coil deck that is triple

This product is available in black, rainbow (7 colors), stainless and gold colors

This product`s standard edition (sub-Ohm) includes

· 1 beast king (cloud) TFV12

· 10.12 Ohm duodenary coil (V12-T12)

· 10.15 Ohm quadruple coil (V12-X4)

· 10.15 Ohm quadruple coil (v12-Q4)

· Has one glass tube in case of any replacements made.

SMOK TFV12 edition (RBA) has the following features

1 beast king (cloud) TFV12

It has a head that can be rebuild (V12-RBA)

It has a head that can be rebuild (V12-RBA)

It has one glass tube used to replace in case of anything

That was our quick vaping review of the smok tfv12.

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