Varmints (coyote, bobcat, etc)
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Do you want to get that aiming eye dead on
but don't care for punching paper?
Then don't -
Texas varmint season is all year long!
2 less coyotes...Bobcat from south Texas brush country
Coyote hunting is a favorite of many, and bobcat hunting is also popular!
Coyote, bobcat and cougar may be taken in any number, by any method, 365 days a year! We prefer to call them in, but employ several effective methods. Legal furbearers (raccoon, fox, ringtail, opossum, skunk, and badger) are limited to one a day, except during furbearer season (usually December/January) with a furbearer license. While varmint hunting, please shoot a pile of jackrabbits! Just 10 jacks can eat as much grass as a cow. On most of our varmint hunts, we also allow you to shoot feral pigs (wild boar).
Hunts start at $100 per person per day for a semi-guided day hunt, and range up to $995 per person for a 3 day package including very comfortable lodging, food, cook, hostess and maid. The average package with meals and lodging is $450 to $550 per gun. The above pricing is based on a party of 2-8,  but smaller or larger parties are welcomed. We can access over 20 ranches with over 200,000 acres of land. There are almost a dozen different lodges on those ranches. We can find what you're looking for.
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.The squeal of a dying rabbit call is a sound that makes me cringe, but man it works good for calling in all kinds of varmints. We here at call in coyote, bobcat, the rare cougar and furbearers of all kinds; raccoon, fox, ringtail, badger, skunk, etc.Shooting jackrabbits is beneficial to the ranchers and absolute shutzenfest fun at times!